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Urging Everyone to Keep Their Tanks Between 40% & 80%.

In an effort to prepare for the 2016-2017 heating season, we are urging everyone to fill their tanks and keep them full.   If everyone's tank is full, or almost full, when problems arise, customers will be in a much better position to avoid high prices and not be affected by shortages or delayed deliveries.

KEEP FILL customers are topped off regularly as we run our routes, allowing us the most efficient system of delivery.  If you are a WILL CALL customer using propane as your primary heat source, please consider switching to KEEP FILL delivery service.

WILL CALL customers who forget to watch the tank will be delighted with KEEP FILL service.  Not only will you help us be more productive, run-out fees and cold houses will become a thing of the past.

If you already have a credit account you can change your delivery preference with a simple phone call.  If you still need to fill out the credit application, get approved and qualify for KEEP FILL delivery service, we will happily mail one to you.

Call (608) 356-2168 or (800) 554-1414.

Price Protection

If you haven't  contracted for the 2015-2016 heating season yet and would still like to protect yourself from the possibility of high prices,  please call for current rates and plan options.  Ask for Vern at (608) 356-2168 or (800) 554-1414.

Call to Confirm Prices

Some restrictions may apply.